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Guitar Effect Pedal Undead Flesh

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Our Undead Flesh Distortion Pedal is perfect for hard rock or heavy metal. This pedal features a special effect that completely enhances and intensifies the distortion level of the metal. The volume of the distortion can also easily be altered via slider controls, and the tone control optimizes the brightness of the sound. Metal housing with True Bypass 3 Working Modes: Hi Boost, Boost Off-Original, Lo Boost Hi Boost - Heavy Metal Distortion Sound with greatly increased signal Boost Off - Original Metal Distortion Effect Lo Boost - A small range of high frequencies that is properly raised Material: Aluminum alloy Input: 1/4 inch mono jack (impedance: 1M ohm) Output: 1/4 inch mono jack (impedance: 470 kOhm) Power supply: 9V Adapter (not included)

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