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Fullerton is open for business!

Fullerton is open for business!

We're excited to announce that Fullerton Guitars Inc. will finally be opening its digital doors for business! With decades of experience in the music industry, the Fullerton team's goal is to release unique designs from partners all over the world by working with multiple creative IPs. In our online shop you'll find:


From classically inspired designs to unique contemporary concepts, Fullerton Guitars strives for a fresh approach to a time tested industry.


Don't change what's not broken, but we can sure update the look. You'll find pedals that ring true, and look top notch.


Tune your instrument with high quality strings or keep it close with a stylish new guitar strap.

At the end of the day, Fullerton strives to be the best in class while offering a price point that's accessible. We want to make it possible for everyone, from beginner to expert, to rock out with top notch gear.

The heart of rock n' roll is stil beating.

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